Design Process

Dream it

Throughout history, jewellery has been known to be a way of expressing love, commitment and celebrating life. Transforming an idea into a beautiful piece of jewellery begins with putting your inspiration and vision onto paper. This is where the magic begins.

CAD Engineering

​An advanced 3D design software is used to produces images in a number of different angles as well as a rendered image, allowing one to visualise the final design and make necessary alterations before manufacturing. CAD designing also allows for us to create every piece with perfect precision.

WAX Representation

A 3D printing machine is used to print a model made out of resin/ wax. The model gives a visual representation to the customer and enables the jeweller to identify exact quantities of metal/ gemstones needed.

Assortment of the finest gemstones

Our vast inventory of gemstones and close connection to the top wholesalers of the country allow for our customers to choose from a variety of gemstones to create breathtaking pieces of art.

Casting and Stone setting

 The 3D wax form is then embedded in a plaster investment, which is placed in a furnace to incinerate the model. The investment containing the negative impression will be filled with molten silver by centrifugal or vacuum casting. It is then refined by our skilled craftsmen, who work on aesthetic adjustments and stone setting for that final sparkle.

The Final Product

​The art of jewellery design is an expression of many emotions. While some pieces take just a few days to create, others are worked on for months or years before achieving perfection. The final product is an intricate construction of art, like a song written from the heart.